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Since the release of her last record “The Adventures of Jodelle”, Jodelle has been busy touring the world performing her own music and backing other artists as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Her travels have taken her to many television and radio stations, prestigious venues and festivals all across North America and Europe. She even performed at a women’s prison and played for a NAKED audience – yes, you read that right – definitely a couple experiences for the bucket list.

This time of travel and collaboration led to period of personal and artistic growth that has left her “happier than ever.” Putting the past behind her and celebrating life one step at a time has taken Jodelle’s sound to a brighter, poppier, richer place – A transformation that pop-rock fans will truly appreciate. The story of her new EP, “Better Than OK”, unfolds with powerful and layered vocals, daring trumpets, beautiful string arrangements, and the lush, driving piano for which Jodelle is known.

On “Better Than OK,” Jodelle moves fearlessly from belting “There’s no way in hell I’m gonna bend” on “Queen of Crazy” to revealing “I took a risk, you crossed the line, you broke my heart one too many times” on the title track. Jodelle’s lyrics are full of life and easy to connect to. They come across simpler, more vulnerable than on her previous works: “I’ve learned to be ok with the way I write. These lyrics are things I’d say in conversation,” she says.

That’s good news for us. Conversational lyrics plus catchy melodies equal an album of songs you’ll find yourself singing along to. Inspired by life, love, satisfaction and bravery, these songs will leave you feeling “Better Than OK.”

“Better Than OK” was produced by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios in New Jersey.  The EP is currently available on Jodelle’s own Espionne Records label.

Better Than OK is leaps and bounds above OK – it’s great. Each of the five songs here are astonishingly well written, arranged, and performed. Better Than OK is a tremendous piece of work for Jodelle and a truly dynamic piece of pop. All five songs are exemplary pieces of songwriting, performed with the gusto and talent they deserve. It’s a shame that there are only five tracks here, but at least it’s an endlessly listenable EP. Actually, repeat listens serve to reveal more of the record’s depth. Jodelle has packed these songs with meaning and arrangements that are as deep as they are entertaining. Better Than OK is brilliant, catchy, inventive, reflective, and fun. Do not pass this EP up. 5 out of 5 Stars.
–Heath Andrews

Skirt stands out with an upbeat and danceable rhythm made up of infectious handclaps and hand drums along with a bellowing, syncopated accordion melody and a bitter lyrical sentiment made sweet by Jodelle’s honey kissed vocals and her impossibly catchy singalong harmonies. The Other Shoe and its soaring string section and an emotional and heart-wrenching vocal performance leaves you both fulfilled and wanting to hear more. Jodelle has triumphantly returned with yet another strong effort that surely solidifies her as a real and unique talent and voice. –Justin Kreitzer

Better Than OK is an inspiring work. Simply beautiful.
–Dan MacIntosh